Don Muehlbauer

Veteran founder of 3 business startups and one successful sale: techworks LLC, Securience LLC, Trinnen LLC.

Don Muehlbauer is a life-long geek and serial entrepreneur, obsessed with the intersection of technology, business models and creativity.

Selling on the internet is both a science and an art, and it takes a very unique individual to master both.  Don has created and operated four technology and internet marketing startups that manage approximately 40 web sites.  He has developed several successful products that sell well on the internet through various means, including: web sites, social media, paid advertising, youtube videos, blogs, referral sites, and more…

His expertise is in developing or configuring new products for successful sales, both online and through traditional retail channels.  Recent successes include products that have gone from zero to over $1M in annual sales in less than a year and to over $5M annually in less than 5 years.  Successful products range from a manufactured liquid solution to training DVD’s for lawyers to nutraceuticals.  Current products under development include a food product, medical product and a sporting good.


Bachelor of Science- Engineering, Masters of Business Administration.

Director of IT for Wisconsin Bell / Ameritech in roles of Enterprise Architect and Strategic Planner.

4 startups including techworks, “your virtual IT department” for 175 small/medium businesses. 

  • techworks was a “virtual IT department” for 175+ small businesses, primarily in southeast Wisconsin. Don managed techworks to sales in excess of $1.8M, with a successful sale in 2012. 

Founder of Securience,  “idea factory”, product development, software and web service products with current patent pending on search technology.

  • Securience (Security + Convenience, joined at the “i”) is an idea factory, performing product development of both physical and software oriented products, including manufacturing.  Under the Securience umbrella Don and company have applied for multiple patents, and currently have patents pending. 
  • Most recently, Don has been very involved in internet / web marketing, launching several successfull web sites, includingFor information on some of Securience’ products, please see:

Don currently splits his time between:

  • New Product Development through Securience
  • Speaking on the business impacts of new technology at business events.

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